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Special Operations Tour


Welcome to the first Special Operations Tour of the Havanna FIR of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation here you have about 935 nm, in this short tour you will fly over all the military airports of Cuba and you will have the chance to show your skills. Enjoy!!!


  1. All legs must be flown in the right order, online, with real weather and in real time mode 1x acceleration is not allowed.
  2. The Alternative airport, Flight Level or Altitude are recommended not mandatory.
  3. The maximum speed below FL100 is 350 KIAS.
  4. The type of aircraft must be Military and the type of flight plan must be Military.
  5. You must contact ATC or advise your intentions via UNICOM it is mandatory.
  6. Enjoy!

The tour


Leg Dep. Arr. Altn. FL or ALT Flight Plan Distance Remarks
1 MUSA MUSC MUSS FL150 - FL190 E N0350F100/IFR UZG J1 UVR J4 USC 145 nm FPL rules Z
2 MUSC MUHG MUBY FL190 - FL250 UCA J4 UVT N0350F060/VFR W 225 nm FPL rules Y
3 MUHG MUPB MUSA FL200 - FL260 UVT J4 UVR J1 UZG N0350F060/VFR E 365 nm FPL rules Y
4 MUPB MUSA MUSA A030 - FL250 W N0350F060/IFR UCY N0400F230/MU-R11 DCT N0350F060/VFR UCY DCT MUSA DCT N0350F060/IFR UCY DCT N0300F180/MU-R12 DCT N0350F060/VFR UCY DCT MULB DCT N0350F060/IFR UCY DCT N0500F210/MU-R43 DCT N0350F060/VFR UCY W 200 nm

FPL rules Z

In this leg you will have to test a new aircraft over MU-R11,12 and 43. Take it to the limit ;)

SO Tour 2010 done by Enmanuel Oliva Díaz (211185) released 22/07/2010 14:17z.